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Little raptures of color
Manfred Gipper's collages arrange fragments of the past into a new whole

"... Gipper takes on the past, no, not the morbid fascination with it, but its constant transformation, this maelstrom of history, which perhaps is most visible in buildings. (It comes as no surprise that the graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Münster also has a university degree in history and at least toyed with the idea of studying architecture.)... He arranges 'fragments that could have had some connection with one another' ... 'The past has so many stories to tell'... He aims at 'making what is past interesting for today'. In so doing, messages are clearly of less interest to him than the composition of shape and color, with the latter being of prime importance. 'I strive for little raptures of color', says Manfred Gipper. A very poetic remark from a man who is lecturer in the CAD laboratory of the University of Applied Sciences (FHTW) in Berlin and who as an artist is always on the lookout for new colors ..."

from the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, Wittenberg edition, 30 July 2005

1956 Born in Bonn, Germany
1973 Move to Münster, Germany
1978 - 1983 Commencement of studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, Münster
1981 Pupil of Prof. Hermann-Josef Kuhna
1984 Participation in the first painters symposium of the Grafschaft Bentheim in Nordhorn
1985 Move to Berlin. Since then, numerous exhibitions in Berlin, throughout Germany and abroad, including Paris and Moscow
1986 - 2000 "Landscapes", the blue-green phase
1997 Appointment as lecturer for design in the CAD laboratory of the University of Applied Sciences (FHTW) in Berlin
2000 Casa Europa: start of a new series with the motif of the European house
2003-2004 Collaboration with the Chilean painter Coco Piéart for the exhibition series 'Residencias'
First exhibition in Galerie Montecatini, Concepción, Chile, September 1-15, 2003
Second exhibition in the Embassy of Chile, Berlin, October 5 - November 12, 2004
2003-2005 'ESPLANADE' project (former Hotel Esplanade at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin): Décalage horaire
Time lag with French author Colette Sarrey (whose publications include 'Tango', Edition L'Harmattan, Paris 2001)
2004 2004 Begin of first collage series
2005 2005 Artist´s stipend from the Cranach Foundation Wittenberg, Germany


Mailart project 'Bizarre Cities'
'Psychogeography', Brussels, Belgium
Informative trip to Lithuania

2007/08 Artist's stipend from the Bartels Foundation, Basel, Switzerland, Kleiner Markgräfler Hof, December 2007 to July 2008
2009 artist in residence, Galerie B, Kunstverein Frankfurt/Oder
2010 Artist's stipend from the Künstlerhaus Lukas, Ahrenshoop, in Klaipeda / Lithuania
2012 artist in residence, Tallinn (Estonian Artists' Association EAA)
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